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Today Christian Torres delves in marketing through technology, lead generation and internet entrepreneurship. The techy specialist helps clients – specifically construction firms – build and attract their online presence and generate sales.

But Torres’ successes in marketing are rooted in the human interactions of personal connection. His career began in the most unlikely way – as a dating coach in online support groups, he told Sam Dever in a recent episode of The Social Media Show.

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 9.20.16 AMFrom dating coach to marketing guru

Torres was a shy, web development whiz who learned the ins and outs of how to approach women through his own careful research. Gradually, he learned how to approach women directly and confidently –an approach he tried to pass on to others.

“That was kind of the first ways I was making money online, was through dating coaching,” Torres said. “(But) some of that stuff didn’t appeal to me and my values and where I was at.”

Torres excelled at dating coaching – and was even featured on the cover of Vegas Seven magazine – but he wanted to expand his career beyond helping guys learn how to pick up girls on the weekend.

“After awhile I wanted to move onto other things,” he told Sam Dever. “I saw an opportunity for helping small businesses with their marketing and stuff like that.”

Torres was able to springboard his understanding of human interaction into his understanding of how small businesses could reach out to customers.

“It’s so interesting how dating and marketing are so, so similar,” Torres said.

Christian Torres Background

After a few years of working with companies to build websites and search engine optimization through “traditional internet marketing services,” he built up understanding of a streamlined entrepreneur strategy.

Torres decided to focus on one market that had a gap between the consumer and firm – the construction industry.

Torres developed a model where he generates online leads in the form of phone calls from potential customers. Once he gets phone calls from customers, he can then forward those to small business owners and charge them for the lead.

But Torres is unique as a marketing and lead generation expert in that he owns the all of the virtual assets associated with generating those construction leads.

“I own the website, I own the SEO rankings, I own everything and my clients they get all the phone call.”

His goal, he told Sam Dever in an earlier episode of the Social Media Show simply, is to bring in phone calls.

Living in the startup scene

Torres continues to remain involved in the startup scene of downtown Las Vegas. He even helps out non-profits with web development from time to time. Once, he told Dever, he even setup a website in four hours for Rockin Music Zoo, a non-profit that provides opportunities for disadvantaged kids to take music lessons.

“It was an awesome experience just being able to contribute and really help some of these non-profits,” Torres said. “At some point you have to kind of go back and be able to contribute – whether it’s monetary or your skills or your insights but being able to give back gives a lot of satisfaction to be like I did something really, really good.”

Torres continues to be involved with Meetup, as a way to connect with individuals who like him hope to build the successes of small startups through technology. He organizes the All Things Web meetup and recently started a group called the Lean Startup circle.

“It’s basically helping entrpreneurs very streamline taking a business idea to testing to see if its something that people actually want,” explained Torres.

Torres’ expertise in the realm of social media continues to thrive off the understanding of connections, an understanding that began in the unlikely circle of dating coaching.

“It’s just being able to connect with everybody,” Torres said.


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