CES 2014 – A Look At GoPro’s CES Exhibit

A look at GoPro’s CES Exhibit

GoPros have become something of a household name over the past decade. The small, durable camera’s ability to be mounted, worn and positioned in just about every way imaginable has helped it to become more than just a novelty. The cameras have become a professional tool and must-have – endorsed by the likes of Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn and Alana Blanchard.


Today, GoPros are arguably the go-to choice for any athlete or outdoor enthusiast hoping to capture high quality point of view video of fast-moving action.

But as The Social Media Show‘s host Asia Jade pointed out when she visited GoPro’s exhibit at the International Consumer Electronics Association (CES), it provides avenues outside of recreation or extreme sports to record and create high definition images. The motorcycle on display, outfitted with a go-pro mount , was just one example of a practical use.

“A lot of my friends ride their bikes, but when they do they never have the ability to record what they’re doing,” she told The Social Media show at the 2014 CES.

Jade pointed to other ways that the GoPro exhibit showcased its cameras’ many functions. Playing on one screen at the booth was a now-viral mini-documentary produced by GoPro on the “Lion Whisperer.” The story details zoologist Kevin Richardson’s work with lions and hyenas in South Africa.

The GoPro film crew, used harnessed cameras both on Richardson and the lions to show the fierce creatures that Richardson greets like household pets. “Because I know them, they don’t react,” he explains in the video shot exclusively  on GoPro’s HD HERO3+ . “From the days they opened their eyes they were literally jumping on me.”

Jade also pointed to the exhibit’s display of GoPro editing software. Employees were on hand to show CES attendees the ease with which the company’s new editing software can be used to turn footage into a seamless video. The software, called GoPro Studio, can be downloaded online and encourages users to create “professional-quality videos with… GoPro content.”

A surfer with an idea

GoPro began as the brainchild of surfer Nick Woodman in 2002. Longing to get good point-of-view surf shots from the belly of waves Woodman developed a wrist-strap 35mm camera that could whether the rough seas in its hard plastic casing. By 2004 he sold his first model, and after a year he grossed a total of $350,000.

Since then GoPro has developed as a digital camera with HD video, used by outdoor enthusiasts, athletes and production companies alike. GoPro’s most recent camera – the HERO3+ model– is its smallest yet, with the ability to capture 12 Megapixel stills at 30 frames per second with a wide angle lens and wind-reduction audio. The wi-fi capable camera – waterproof to 131 feet – sells for $399.

CES 2014

GoPro had that along with its other models available for viewing at CES. The 2014 technology exposition was the largest annual show yet. The four day show spanned more than 2 million square feet of exhibit space and more than 3,200 exhibitors.

Over 150,000 industry professionals attended to check out the future of technology and innovation across the business ecosystem. On display were a variety of exhibits showcasing curved flexible HD TVs, and the future in smart phones, drones, robots, sensors, internet technology, Hi-Res audio, connected cars and 3D printers.

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