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CES 2014 coverage continues with Voice Narration application Capti. The Social Media Show‘s very own Vegas Wayne interviewed President and CEO Yevgen Borodin, PhD “Eugene” of Capti to tell us exactly how this new and extremely innovative application works from the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 4.09.33 PMEugene tells Wayne that Capti has now given people the ability to listen to documents they would normally read. He explains how we as a culture have become addicted to screens whether it be at home, at work or in the car which can be especially dangerous if driving. Capti is a way for people to get their information while enjoying some of the most beautiful things in life such as the sunset which now go under appreciated due to our addiction to technology.

Documents users may listen to with Capti are press releases, E books, power points, word documents, PDF’s and can also add content from Google Drive, Dropbox and web pages. The interface is very simple to use and is already available on the Iphone for free download. It will be available for Mac and Windows computers in the very near future.

1424554_620378398015150_1675033391_nEugene says he personally uses Capti the most while driving and exercising in the gym. He added that he recently received an email from a Capti user telling him after the birth of his child, he had found it hard to read having to always  monitor and keep his eyes on the child now in it’s toddler phase. Since he started using Capti he can now read again and is extremely grateful for this product. This is a great tool for anyone who has trouble reading, vision problems, multi-taskers and students who are required to read a lot while go through their education. Eugene concludes by saying there are numerous voice options on the app with many more features coming soon.


We would like to thank Eugene and Capti for giving us a great interview and look forward to see them spread across the world in 2014!

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Here is some more information on Capti discussing the uses and features courtesy of their Press Kit.

Usable literally by anyone, Capti exemplifies the vision of universal accessibility: “usable
to the maximum extent possible by everyone regardless of their age, ability, or circumstance.”

  • People without disabilities can use Capti to multitask and listen to content on a walk, while cooking, eating, watching kids, during the commute, in the gym, on the plane, or while relaxing.
  • Students can use Capti to keep up with their reading materials while commuting or exercising, thus reducing the strain on their eyes and their overall physical health.
  • English language learners can improve their reading and comprehension skills by listening to the content that is interesting to them, choosing the voices and the speech rate they follow.
  • Older adults can enjoy simplified access to the Web and use a convenient playlist interface for consuming content in audio-visual form, without straining their eyes.
  • –  People with cognitive disabilities, e.g., dyslexia and autism can both look at the screen at and listen to content at the same time (coming soon), which enhances comprehension.
  • –  People with low vision benefit from the ability to listen to content instead of struggling to see with magnification, which they can use conveniently as well.
  • Blind people can enhance their productivity finding information quicker in webpages and listening to content without constantly interacting with screen readers.
  • While deaf people cannot benefit from audio narration, they can use Capti for visual reading, and use Capti Playlist for organizing their content that they want to read later.



Get content from the Browser, Clipboard, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more


Use the Playlist to organize your content, save it for later or listen to it right away


Listen only to the main content in webpages, skipping ads, menus, and other clutter


View the content directly in your Playlist, and read along with Capti if you want


Capti will reassemble the articles that are spread across multiple webpages


Capti works seamlessly with VoiceOver screen-reader

Capti is a document and Web narrator that gives consumers the ability to listen to everything they need to read. Capti unifies the interface for different sources: Dropbox, Google Drive, webpages all sources look the same. Capti uses a number of sophisticated algorithms for extracting webpage content, article titles, article links, etc. Capti brings the concept of the playlists from the world of music to the world of text-to-speech narration.

Capti enables seamless transition between devices allowing users to continue listening from the same spot. Capti is the most accessible application for web browsing, as well as for document and web narration.

The innovations and the social benefits of Capti have been recognized by federal research agencies:

– The National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research at the Department of Education (NIDRR) – The National Eye Institute at the National Institutes of Health (NIH-NIE)

To date, Charmtech Labs LLC has been awarded with over $1.5M in Small Business Innovation Awards from the NIDRR Phase II: H133S130028, H133S120067, NIDRR Phase I: H133S120055, H133S110028, H133S110023, and H133S090065, as well as NIH-NEI: Phase I: 1R43EY021962.


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