Pet Monitoring Device – Petzila – CES 2014

CES 2014 coverage continues with The Social Media Show as Vegas Wayne interviews a very creative and interesting pet monitoring device called Petzila.  Wayne spoke with Petzila representative Marvin to find out just how this new pet technology worked to keep pets and owners connected. The interview took place at The Venetian Hotel in the conference area where several more innovators of technology had booths set up displaying their latest products before hitting the market.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 4.59.26 PMThe first step as Marvin explains begins with a device called “PetziConnect.” This device plugs into an outlet in your home, office or wherever your pet may be. You then log in to the Petzila app on your smart phone and press “push to talk” and begin to call out your pets name. For example, “Fido, Fido, come here Fido!” may be one way a pet owner calls over their pet. The pet then runs up to the device due to recognizing the pet owners voice and from here is where the fun begins.

You can take a picture of your pet or even take a video to share on Social Media. On top of all that, there is a button called the “treat button” and by pressing it dispenses a treat for your pet from the PetziConnect device. Pretty cool if you ask us! This is not only something that is fun but it is a great way to eliminate separation anxiety is gone for the pet and pet owner keeping them both connected. Wayne points out that this would also be great for pets who are still in the phase of getting used to their new environment and can be used as an aid to help calm the pet down until the pet owner arrives home.

What is also unique about Petzila is how they first initially launched. They began with a crowd sourcing campaign using Social Media to raise money and get feedback about the app. They’re responses were astounding proving to fulfill a real need in the pet owner market place. It’s truly amazing what the power of the internet can bring. Petzila has already made a buzz through traditional media with CEO David Clark appearing on Fox News to explain what Petzila is and how it works. He also explains how important their crowd funding campaign was in their initial launch.

This is truly a revolutionary product not only capturing the essence of smart phone technology but also bringing Social Media into play by the ability to share photos and video of your pet from your phone.  It’s amazing how technology is simplifying and adding benefit to even the simplest everyday things in our lives.

1426425_228641893964639_835238340_nWe would like to thank Marvin and Petzila for taking the time to give The Social Media Show an interview at CES informing us about their new and highly innovative product.  You can learn more about Petzila at their website and find them on Facebook as well.

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