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Start Up businesses are now getting help by a really useful and innovative program at UNLV. Justin McVay who is head of the new program joined host Sam Dever on The Social Media Show. Justin started out the conversation explaining that the UNLV Business Start Up Center is an on and off campus community resource for entrepreneurs or start ups looking for assistance on the business side of their venture.This new resource Justin added is completely free. This is to help these new start ups get further down the path to forming their business or becoming a successful business.

fce926a052fa4ac7baf4def12a5b21c0The program spawned out of an already existing nation wide program that is funded by the SBA (Small Business Administration) that was part of the small business development center.  The UNLV Startup Business Center decided to tweak the program and gear more to the start up business community. Las Vegas is becoming more and more known for technology based start ups so a move like this seemed only fitting for this particular area. Although they are still a resource for any small business, the program is focused on innovative start ups primarily based in the technology field. The start ups they work with are not only innovative but also have the ability to scale and grow quickly. This is good because when a company grows they typically hire more people creating jobs, which is a big motivator in the process.


McVay then went on to talk aobut UNLV’s location in accordance to two entrepreneurial hot spots in Las Vegas which are Downtown and the InNEVation Center which has housed start up based events such as Start Up Weekend. UNLV is located right in the middle of these two destinations making them easily accessible to all. He also notes that they are not writing apps or developing code but are simply there to help those who are who need help on the side they may not know much about which is business. Small businesses have a huge advantage when they use the program because they can get the same resources and assistance a consultant would be giving with the exception of spending thousands of dollars. This extra money can now go toward areas of the business to help it grow even faster. Justin coins the programs sweet spot is “From Napkin To Execution” meaning they can work with you starting from day one of your business when it is just simply an idea written down. They will then help you every step of the way until your business is ready to be implemented and ready to venture out into the market place.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 8.09.46 AMThe conversation concludes with Justin giving thanks to huge supporters of the program in the Las Vegas Community including the InNEVation Center, Fifth Street School and The Henderson Economic Development Office. He then mentioned Adam Kramer from the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce has been an instrumental part of the program’s development helping connect them to different entrepreneurs and business leaders in the community. This is key because if you have a need for a certain talent the resource certain may not be able to provide, they can at least connect you to someone who can.

If you want to get in contact with Justin or anyone from the program you can reach out to them on twitter @UNLVstartup or visit them on their website UNLV Start Up You can also email Justin directly at

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