Giant Squid Found In California Real or Hoax?

A giant squid recently took to the Social Media waves as the online news source The Lightly Braised Turnip claimed an enormous record breaking squid washed upon the shores of the Santa Monica coastline in California. Allegedly, the squid was 100 feet in length with an astonishing 160 feet measurement when measuring from head to tentacle tip. This news source claimed scientists were crediting this to an extreme amount of radioactive material coming from the waters near the Fukushima Dai-ichi  Nuclear Power Plant in the Futaba Districe of Japan causing “radioactive gigantism” not only in this particular squid but in several creatures in the ocean.

giant.radioactive.fukushima.squid.3According to Mirror News over 500,000 people tweeted a picture of the giant squid making this radioactive sea creature go viral no matter if real or not. They claim that this was indeed a hoax and that there are several unanswered holes in the story.

Our team here at The Social Media Show dug online and did a little research (thanks to Google) and actually found a picture of a squid very similar to the one you see in Here are both of them side by side.


 We are not here to prove anybody right or wrong, just letting YOU the Social Media users decide

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 Real or Hoax?

giant.radioactive.fukushima.squid.3    giant-squid-enrique-talledo

This particular instance got us thinking. With the vast amount of social platforms and ability to share information in the push of the button, every story has the ability to go viral around the world regardless of it being the truth or a hoax.  We’re not saying the squid story isn’t true, however if proven to be false, should there be penalties for reporting such a matter? With great advances in technology comes even greater responsibility. How we use Social Media can have a HUGE effect on not only a small network of people but can in fact have global impact if eye catching enough to viewers.

Social Media is an amazing tool that has truly changed our lives forever. We can connect with people from all over the world making it possible to share our ideas, thoughts and passions with anybody no matter how big of a following we have. A story like the one reported above may seem like a fun way to get the people going but you also have to consider the ramifications it could have. Stories like this although amazing discoveries also create certain levels of fear and excitement that can cause people to behave differently. Maybe somebody sees this and instantly thinks the world is coming to end because giant radioactive sea creatures are going to arise from the depths of the ocean and take over our planet? It sounds a little far fetched but in reality that’s the Pandora’s box you are opening.  However, if it’s indeed true, Social Media is THE BEST place to share unfiltered real life content without the regulation of big time networks, publications or government. It is up to WE the people to ensure that what we are sharing, is not only accurate but also a positive influence for the human race.

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