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Lead generation specialist Christian Torres came onto The Social Media Show. Torres sat down with host Sam Dever to talk about his online marketing business, the Vegas Tech scene and Social Media. Christian moved out to Las Vegas over 13 years ago and started working in casinos. He later found a passion for marketing and dabbled in various niches before finding the area he is a specialist in now which is lead generation marketing also known as “pay per call.”

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This type of marketing works by Christian generating phone calls or “leads” for products and services in specific industries. Once these leads are acquired, he then goes to the businesses who provide these product and services and then sells them over. Although this is something he could do for various industries, he is only concentrating on the construction industry at this time. He explained further saying he used to offer multiple online services to clients such as website building and Search Engine Optimization. However, with this model he owns all of the SEO, websites and graphics making him the sole owner of the virtually real state. He simply hands over the leads to the clients which in the end is all they are looking for anyway. Christian went on to explain the number one priority for any of his websites is to get the prospective clients to call. He has even avoided putting social media on his sites to prevent people who visit from getting distracted so they stay focused on calling.

The conversation then lead to Christian’s involvement in the Vegas Tech scene. Torres says he was originally introduced to the Downtown Las Vegas Tech Scene when someone told him to go check out the Vegas Jelly’s. After going he noticed how entrepreneurial and tech savvy everyone was there and he immediately knew this was a group of people he wanted to network and hang around. Being around the downtown scene has led Torres to be involved into charitable organizations such as Vegas Give Camp. This is where people with online technical expertise such as Christian, help small businesses and non-profits with websites, social media, etc. Christian talked about an organization he helped with called “Rockin Music Zoo” where they built there website in only four hours giving them an online platform to promote their business. He says it was an awesome experience to be able to contribute and give back to the Las Vegas Community.

The discussion concluded with Torres telling Dever his favorite part about Social Media. For him, he likes the feature on Gmail called “Rapportive” which allows you to see all the social media profiles on a person giving you a better sense of who they are. Christian says he uses this as a pre-networking tool as well before going to different meet ups which can be a great advantage when networking.

To find out more about Christian you can check out his website at:

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