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Fashion Design in Las Vegas was a huge talking point with Boutikitou owner and founder of Fashion Mob LV, Valerie Mac. Asia Jade sat down with Mac where the two discussed Valerie’s move to Vegas, her clothing store and what inspired her to create Fashion Mob.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 7.36.39 AMValerie had a very successful business back in the Midwest but after some health issues and the realization you only live once, she and her family decided to make a leap of faith out out to Sin City.  Having been educated in the fashion industry, Valerie started up the clothing store “Boutikitou” which derived from the concept we bring the boutique to you. They started by going into schools doing teacher appreciation days, corporate businesses, house parties and made sure to tie into charitable causes as well. All of this evolved into a physical storefront.

In addition to Boutikitou, Valerie is the founder of Fashion Mob LV. Mac says when she first started her clothing store, one of the biggest questions she had was how she was going to advertise it. How she started to get the word around was go to networking groups around Las Vegas where she would pass out cards and market her store to other people in the community. This led to her doing several fashion shows to further help promote the business.




When putting on these shows she was meeting all types of people involved in the fashion industry such as models, hair stylists and make up artists. She realized that everyone had their own separate entities of businesses they were trying to promote but at the same time had created a team of like minded individuals. Recognizing this led to her and local marketing guru Charity Faith coming up with name Fashion Mob. The name is a play on the Las Vegas mafia but serves a positive purpose with their tag line “enforcing positive corruption.”

The shows have evolved into a fashion event that highlights everyone’s individual craft from the models to the hair stylists to the make up designers. They also throw in entertainment, photography and other designers as well. It’s become an interactive production that has morphed into more than simply a “fashion show.”

Asia and Valerie then talk about working together as Jade  has participated in a couple of Fashion Mob LV events serving as a model and emcee. Asia tells Valerie that she appreciates the fact that she is helping promote and give spotlight to those who work behind closed doors in the fashion world such as the hair stylists and make up artists. Valerie concludes by talking about how they help promote their events through social media and always invite a lot of media out to their shows. This helps the talent get write ups in publications which can and does eventually lead to them getting more jobs.  As Fashion Mob and Boutikitou continue to grow, we are excited to see Valerie Mac has in store for the fashion world next!


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